Who we are

In September 2015 we rescued our neighbours’ 11 dogs from the kill cage in Aruba. It was that night at 11pm that we started our facebook page Rescue Dogs Aruba. The journey that followed made us realize how strong and amazing the Aruban Dogs are. Strong, respectful, faithful, sweet, caring and very important a strong will to survive. They fight so many diseases and circumstances that the odds to survive are minimal. Somehow they do. Yes, we had our losses, our tears but above all we managed to save 17 dogs. With the help of so many good people we succeeded in our cause.

The above taught us that there are numerous local and American based foundations on the island; local & international volunteers; even the government. In their own way they want to improve the life of animals on the island. Everybody is fighting his or her own battles and from our own experience it is a 24/7 challenge.

Our mission with the UNITED DOGS ARUBA FOUNDATION is to bring together all these great people & organizations that care so much for the animals; we need to work together to increase the outcome of our efforts, we truly believe that together we can end this misery for the dogs and cats in Aruba.

Our foundation has started January 2016, we will initiate different projects to improve the life of the dogs on the island and we strive to do this together with all parties and volunteers involved in this cause.

For all who may want to be part of this journey together with us, please be welcome to send us an email, we love to have you on board.

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How you can get involved

There are so many ways you could get involved. Do you care for the well-being of the animals in Aruba? Can you free some of your time? These are the only two things that are important. No time but you do care? No worries we need donations as well!

  • Dawn Archambeault
    Dawn Archambeault Secretary at a human ER

    I have volunteered at 3 of the 4 spay and neuter clinics in Aruba. My adventure that lead me to volunteering started while vacationing on the beautiful island. Year after year I noticed litters of puppies in the bushes next to my parents time share and all around the island there were dogs roaming the streets. So I googled Aruba animal control. The first thing that popped up was the kill shelter followed by local rescues. I soon realized that there is no animal control on the island.  I contacted a local rescue and volunteered to fly two puppies home to the US. My brother adopted one and I adopted her litter mate. Five years later we now have 3 Cunucu dogs from Aruba. Soon after transporting and adopting our first two in 2016,  that same year I heard that the first ever spay and neuter clinic was going to be held on the island in May by Animal Balance and I immediately signed up to volunteer. Animal Balance is a nonprofit that goes to trouble spots and gives the locals the skills to run future spay and neuter campaigns which United Dogs of Aruba has successfully done for the last 3 clinics. There is a job for everyone even if you don’t have experience at spay and neuter clinics. I am a secretary in an emergency room for humans and I took those skills and tweaked them to help at the clinics. All you need is a love for animals and we can match you with the perfect task. Each year we face different challenges which make each year run more smoothly. We have sterilized just short of 1500 dogs and cats in 4 years. Even though that number is a huge accomplishment there is still a major problem that is going to take years of clinics to resolve. Without volunteers it will not be possible since these clinics are solely run and funded by volunteers and donations. It doesn’t cost a thing to volunteer and we keep everyone well fed and hydrated. We usually have low cost accommodations and transportation if needed as well. There will mostly likely be bruises, blood and tears but I will guarantee you will laugh and make some of the best memories and friends of your life. If you love Aruba and animals you will not regret volunteering. I do suggest planning for a couple days after to relax and enjoy the island. We do some fun activities as a group afterwards that are always a blast. I had never travelled outside the US before by myself and had never left my daughter for that long. I grew as a person from that first trip and realized this needs to be a part of my life. These clinics challenged me as a person not only mentally but physically.  Volunteering with this group has only changed my life for the better and I can’t wait for the next clinic.  

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress
can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”

Mahatma Gandhi