Let’s Spay and Neuter Aruba

$11,191.77 Raised
$8,000.00 Target

Donation for the Spay and Neuter Aruba 2017 campaign

100% funded

A donation of 20 dollars enables us to sterilize one dog and prevents 64.000 puppies to be born in the coming 6 years.
In May 2017, we will be able to operate 400 stray dogs which will cost us 8.000 dollars in medication. Please help us to reach this amount. Thank you for the love for our Cunucu Specials.

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Donation Total: $20.00

Aruba counts 30.000 to 40.000 stray and semi stray dogs & cats. With a population of 105.000 inhabitants, this is a very large number, which is growing rapidly. As we know it’s possible for one female dog and her offspring to procreate 64.000 dogs over a time period of 6 years. The quantity of cats is even higher. The only solution is managing the dog & cat population in order to stop this rapid growth. The situation of the strays in Aruba is heartbreaking: starvation, abuse, overexposed to ticks & fleas and deadly diseases & viruses such as Anemia, Parvo and Distemper.

We will organize a spay and neuter project each year for the coming 5 years, starting in May 2017. We will be arriving with a team of veterinary surgeons and technicians to perform the surgeries. In May 2017, we are planning a 4 day clinic to successfully sterilize up to 400 dogs. Our focus will be stray dogs and we need help from a large number of local volunteers. Below you will find our wish list of supplies needed for the 2017 project. As you can see we need help in different categories from -tables to lights, lunch, dinner and a place to sleep- to medical supplies. To run this project we will be working with 25 – 40 volunteers on a daily basis.

Please contribute to a better future for the dogs and cats in Aruba.  For every $20 donated, one dog will receive the necessary medication and be sterilized. We will be working in different teams with each team consisting of a number of volunteers. Do you want to join us? Download the volunteer form here. Or fill in the Sign up form below!

We operate in different teams

  • Trapping team
  • Registration team
  • Preparation team
  • Surgery team
  • After care team
  • Release team

How can you help?

  • 1. Medical supplies: sterile gloves, -drapes &-whipes, scale, fonendoscope, needles, syringes, razers, autoclave, operation sets, suture material, various medication etc.
  • 2. Housing & food for medical team.
  • 3. 2 Pick up trucks & 2 cars.
  • 4. Clinic interior: lights, fans, tables, chairs, old towels.
  • 5. Donations: $20 for each dog we want to do surgery on!
  • For a complete list please mail us!

The sign up form!